Join In What We Do

We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love even more for you to join us!

Code for New Orleans is seeking sponsors to fund our events and activities. If interested, please contact Brigade Captain Ryan Harvey.

We are a volunteer Code for America Brigade, one of more than 80 around the country. We host one project night per month, plus a few larger events (usually hackathon-style) throughout the year.

We do what’s called civic hacking: bringing people together to work quickly and creatively to make where they live better. The projects we work on are civic-minded and for social good. While writing code is what makes our efforts unique, we gladly welcome people with all sorts of skills: user experience designers, project managers, data analysts, policy wonks, communications specialists, subject-matter experts, and more.

We Are Small, But Mighty

After a year and a half or so on Meetup, we have over 300 members in our group. Many of those folks come intermittently or have interest in specific projects. Our project nights generally draw 5-10 people who dive in and work to move projects forward.

Many of our attendees are learning-stage software developers, looking to hone their skills through our civic-minded projects. We’re excited to support and mentor them, and through that, help strengthen our city’s tech community. In addition, technologists with a range of skills beyond coding like designers, project managers, and data analysts attend our events.

Over the past couple years, we’ve worked to improve the accuracy of the city’s public 311 services data; begun to visualize that 311 data in useful and meaningful ways; explored new ideas for engaging the general public with Tulane University’s Design Thinking students; explored ideas for building a common city-wide user interface component to handle street address auto-completion; built a scraper for the city assessor’s property tax data; worked to make RTA’s transit data more accessible to New Orleans residents; and worked collaboratively with others around the country to assist hurricane response efforts.

One of the most effective ways to contribute to what we do is to take on the effort and time commitment of shepherding a project or organizing and running an event.

This can involve a significant amount of work, but is usually also a very rewarding accomplishment when milestones are celebrated.

If you’re interested in working with us in this way, please contact Brigade Captain Ryan Harvey to get involved.

It takes a lot of effort to organize a community like this and to run the events we put on. It also takes a fair amount of money. Without sponsorship, that money comes out of volunteers’ pockets.

In addition to monetary support to purchase event supplies and consumables and software and hosting services, we’re happy to accept in-kind donations like event venue sponsorship, credits for cloud services (consistent with license terms), food and drink for events, and more.

Sponsors get logo placement on our Meetup page and are thanked on our homepage. For event-related sponsorships, sponsors are acknowledged in all communications and flyers about the event sponsored. For app-related sponsorships, sponsor logos are incorporated into an app credits screen and sponsors are thanked in the README of the public code repository.

Please contact Brigade Captain Ryan Harvey to set up a sponsorship.